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Born in Cordoba, Argentina
The artist currently lives in São Paulo, Brasil.

His artistic trajectory can be divided in three periods. The artist stayed in his hometown until the age of fifteen and then moved to Buenos Aires where he had his first contact with art. That moment, Tec, started painting the walls of the streets of the capital of Argentina promoting his rock band, Ocote.

From that moment, the artist created dialoguing directly with the football universe, the rock bands and the graphite in its inscription shape calligraphed. He signed his work using two pseudonyms: Sade and Tec. With time he decided to stay only with Tec. The second moment of his career happened when he entered in college of graphic design at university of Buenos Aires.

In 2000, he joined the artistic collective, FASE. Developed to be a fanzine, soon the collective raises new flights and occupies the streets with artistic interventions, that goes since lambe-lambe and stencil until paintings with roller, something unusual in the streets of Argentina.

In 2005, FASE represented Argentina in the cinema festival in Berlin with the short film Futbol 05, which is part of the audivisual content of worldwide footbal from Gremany in 2006.

From this experience the artist developed an intense muralist activity in Buenos Aires and Cordoba, revaluing the scene of  Latin American urban art and working collectively for the revitalization of public space.

At the same time Tec worked in advertising agencies and film producer which provided technical expertise to film and to produce RUTA 9, a documentary of rural art self-filmed. Driving a Renault 4 the artist travelled the road linking the city of Cordoba to Buenos Aires filming the experience of painting abandoned buildings.

Internationally recognized with the showing «De Dentro e De Fora» (inside and outside) held at the Museum of Art of Sao Paulo (MASP), Tec decided to reside in São Paulo where he has his studio, develops exhibitions and makes drawings on asphalt in large slopes from the city of Sao Paulo. His last work, that channeled all his artistic influences, was the World Cup held in Brasil. His drawings stamped a large flag that was opened on the football field of the Arena Corinthians, in São Paulo, at the opening ceremony of the Fifa World Cup 2014

2016 Pioneros / Museo Caraffa / Córdoba (collective)
2016 La tierra que habito / Fundación ICBC / Buenos Aires

2015 Cidade inquieta / SESC Rio Preto / Brasil (collective)
2015 Cityleaks / Colonia / Alemania (collective)
2015 3 capas / Choque Cultural / São Paulo / Brasil
2015 Projeto Pipa / Choque Cultural / São Paulo / Brasil

2014 Scope art fair / Vice gallery / Miami / U.S.A
2014 Swimming pool / Choque Cultural / São Paulo / Brasil

2013 Como Conseguir Tintas / Choque Cultural / São Paulo / Brasil

2012 White walls say nothing / London / UK (collective)
2012 Hermanos / Kosovo Gallery / Córdoba / Argentina
2012 BS AS / Choque Cultural / São Paulo / Brasil

2011 XXL / Champions Breakfast / Buenos Aires (collective)
2011 DeDentroeDeFora / MASP / São Paulo / Brasil
2011 Un rock para los lentos! / Espacio 6.0 / Buenos Aires
2011 Abre los ojos / Hollywood in Cambodia / Buenos aires
2011 10 salvajes / Gachi Prieto Gallery / Buenos Aires

2010 Tecster / Champions Breakfast / Buenos Aires (Tec – Tester)
2010 Salvate! / Nuerotitan / Berlin / Alemania (Orilo-RDW-FASE)
2010 Sabaproject / Paris / Francia (collective)

2009 Art inside the park / Jefferson city – Missouri U.S.A.
2009 Mil latas / Espacio 6.0 / Buenos Aires
2009 Carne / GKO Gallery / Tolosa / España (DOMA vs FASE)
2009 Carne / ArtyFarty Gallery / Köln. / Alemania (DOMA vs FASE)
2009 Carne / Neurotitan / Berlin / Alemania (DOMA vs FASE )
2009 Pescado / Turbo galeria / Buenos Aires / Argentina (FASE)

2008 Amigos de lo ajeno / Turbo Galeria / Buenos Aires / Argentina (collective)
2008 Lavapies / Cruzllosa gallery / Madrid / España
2008 Las dents family album / Baseelements Gallery / Barcelona
2008 Dondeestascabeza? / Tienda Fuencarral / Córdoba / Argentina

2007 Nosemiamor / Rojo art place / Rosario / Argentina
2007 Este verano te maten! / Sameheads / Berlin / Alemania
2007 Este verano te mato beach! / Espacio Trimarchi / Mar del Plata / Argentina
2006 Este verano te mato! / Hollywood in Cambodia / Buenos aires /Argentina
2005 Barbaros / Fondo Nacional de las Artes / Buenos Aires / Argentina



Since 2000 Fase: Collective o design, music and experimental video